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Brain Injury Claims

Brain injury claims are among the most complex types of clinical negligence cases. They can follow medical or surgical errors as well as other traumas, and the consequences can be catastrophic for the patient and their family.

From our extensive experience, we understand the emotional and practical issues faced by clients and their families. At Lees Solicitors, we will always do our best to make the legal process for such claims as quick and stress-free as possible.

how brain injury claims work

Brain injury claims involve careful and intense investigation to ascertain the cause of the injury and whether it should reasonably have been avoided with competent care.

If it can be concluded that the injury was caused by medical negligence as opposed to misfortune, a detailed analysis of the consequences will follow. This will enable us to value the case and ensure our client is fully compensated.

Given their severity, brain injury claims often attract compensation payments of millions of pounds to ensure our client’s future needs are met. Because of this, claims are often heavily defended.

This is why it is so important that victims in these cases should enlist the help of a specialist legal team to ensure their claim is handled correctly and within the required time limit.

legal advice from lees solicitors

Lees Solicitors are vastly experienced in all kinds of medical negligence cases, including brain injuries. Get in touch if you or a loved one requires our advice and guidance to help secure brain injury compensation.

We appreciate that you will probably have many questions about your case, and you can call us free on 0800 387 927 for initial advice on the best way to proceed with a claim.

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Do you think it is a good case?

It is hard to assess the merits of a case fully before we have seen the relevant medical records and, if necessary, seen the reports from independent experts.  Our usual procedure is to consider the facts given to us by the client and then decide whether we are able to take the enquiry any further.  We would then review it again once the medical records and any other documents or reports are to hand, and indeed, will keep the merits of the case under review throughout the case.

How long will it take?

Investigation of a case usually takes between 18m-2yrs, although more complex cases can take longer. Much depends on how quickly the hospitals etc provide the medical records and then on what the waiting list of the experts are like, and whether you need to be seen by more than 1 expert.

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What did you think of Lees Solicitors? 

I was kept constantly up to date as soon as information from the Defendant was received,  (rather than have to 'chase' and constantly ring up for news).Fiona Kempand her team treated me as a person and not just another client and it was always with courtesy, respect and friendliness. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Lees.

What did you think of Lees Solicitors?

You have been extremely kind and helpful and I've been very happy with the service that I have received all along.  Someone was always available to answer my calls, and if they could not answer my call they would get back to me the same day

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